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So I must have 4 blogs out there…maybe 5….I keep starting over.  But this one.  Ok.  This one needs to be IT.  Because I love to blog, but I need to be more consistent.  No introduction.  No special theme.  Just me.  And the kids.  And Mike.  And my hobbies…and passions…and obsessions…and worries.   Just day to day life! 

So here I go. 

Its snowing out like crazy.  Supposed to get 6-12 inches.  We did get out for a bit, Jack and I, to sled and frolick in the snow 🙂  I put on snow pants and a hat, gloves and a scarf…so I could truly enjoy the snow, like a child.  We had a blast throwing snow, skidding down the little hill, throwing sticks for Lucy and just being silly.  We even took a little around the block.  I love walking in the snow 🙂   Something so magical about it all…the way the street lights and Christmas lights make the snow glow.  The feeling of the holidays coming near.  The carefree attitude of having nothing to do but be “stuck” home because the driving is too bad.  Mike even stayed home today.  Smart move if you ask me.  It would have taken hours to get home this evening.  So glad he was already here, making dinner, shoveling, kidding around with Jack, bringing me hot coffee…

It was a nice day.  Now we are all in comfy clothes on the couch, watching a Charlie Brown Christmas.  The Christmas tree is glowing.  The Mistletoe candles are infusing the air with the scent of pine…Love this time of year and everything that goes along with it.

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Hello world!

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