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Stacked Coins for Ben, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Finally made this quilt!! I have been dreaming of it since before Ben’s birth. I inteded to have it made before he was born…it never happened. Ben just turned one and I figured, better late than never! I adapted the quilt from Last-Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. (love that book btw!) I hope Ben will love to snuggle with it 🙂

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Ready to ship…, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

My first swap package is ready to ship. This was a coaster swap hosted by Kindred Crafters. I had a lot of fun and I hope that my partner Sudi-Laura from The Adventures of a Fabric Junky enjoys them!! I will post pics when I know Sudi-Laura has receivd them 🙂

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Made a new belt…, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

I have been wanting to make some belts like these and these, but could not for the life of me decide which fabrics to use! I finally decided to go simple to start, and went with a pair of fabrics that have been lying around and have had no good use thus far. I intended to use them for a Mei Tai baby carrier, but just never got around to it after making the first one! I grabbed these two fabrics and immediately thought of a new jacket I got at the Gap that will go perfectly with jeans and some flips. And hey it goes with a lot of other stuff too 🙂 I used this tutorial by Not Quite Vintage and because I’m instructionally challenged, I made one little goof, but no one would notice or care….eh, you live, you learn. Now I need to hit Etsy and grab some vintage belt buckles!


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Jackism #7

Jack was in Ben’s crib in the morning while I was showering.  Jack came to the bathroom and I could hear Ben crying.  I said to Jack,

“Why is Ben crying, is he sad that you left him?” 

Jack:  “I quit at him”

Mom:  “You quit at him?  How come?”

Jack:  “Because he told me I wasn’t his best friend anymore”

Mom(pausing to think about this) “Hmmm, thats funny, I didn’t think Ben could say words yet”

Jack:  “moommm, he said it to me in SPANish!!”

Mom:  “oh well that clears it up then”  🙂  lol.

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Sunday Stash #2, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

I know, again, its NOT Sunday!! I worked all weekend (thats my excuse), and wasn’t on my computer at ALL. (note withdrawal post!)
Anyhoo. I’m back from two night shifts and one evening and am getting back into the groove. I’m psyched for this charm pack (well actually I got five of them) and am thinking of using it to make Thimbleblossoms “Wild Thing” quilt. I think the fun fabrics will go really well with the whirly pinwheels 🙂


Other than new fabric…I’m so excited to be invited to join a virtual quilting bee by Nichole of Shear Delight. I’ve loved spying on other bees, and have always WANTED to join one, like this one called Common Threads. Ours is called Bee Modern and I’m super excited to get to started and to get to know the other 11 girls. Thanks Nichole for including me 🙂

Also…dun dun dah, I joined Kindred Crafters in a coaster swap! You can still join us, the join by date is May 8th. You definitely gotta check it out.

And on that note…I’m fully committed and will be nice and busy for a bit. Love that! Ok, time for a little fro yo (Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia) and then off to bed! Night!

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Here I sit, at work, scarfing down a lean cuisine, longing to blog about some new ventures and of course, some new fabric!!  I’ve been working all weekend and today, so between that and 2 kids, there has been no time for the computer.  Hopefully I’ll be back to some fun stuff tomorrow evening!!  Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂

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Jackism #6

I love when 4 year olds misinterpret words.  Here is the latest from Jack on remembering the farm this past fall…

“Mom, remember when we went to that place with the pumpkins?  There was a train there too.  And there were apples.  And I climbed the big pile of hair…”

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