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Today Jack and I (with a little “help” from Ben), made some Rainbow Cake.  We followed Omnomicon’s tutorial.  (who by the way has AMAZING photos of the whole process.  jealous I must say, because I just am not so good at taking food pics.  but anyway, I digress…)  We had a blast making the cake, mixing up colorful batter, deciding how to layer the colors and watching it bake!  I think Jack’s favorite part was adding the food coloring to the batter.  Like magic!  Cool thing is, the cake tastes as delicious as it looks!  I used the Sprite that Omnomicon suggests which gives the batter a much fluffier texture…which personally I wonder if its what helps keep the layers so perky 🙂  I also liked the moistness of the cake.  A LOOONNNNGGGG time ago, I had a Sunday School teacher named Penny who made THE best cakes I have EVERY to this day tasted…and even back when I was a young girl, I would ask her HOW she did it.  She said it was that she added ginger-ale to the cake.  Hmm.  Who knew?!  The only things I did different were that I only used one cake pan instead of two…I didn’t read ahead…my fault!  But it worked out just fine…I just kept adding the colors on top of one another.  It did change the cooking time quite a bit though….given that I used two boxes of cake as directed…but it worked out, so hey!   Anyhoo…here are some pics.  I wish I could photograph food like Omnomicon can…but I did my best given poor lighting and lots of kids fingerprints and smudges 🙂

Getting ready to make the cake...

Getting ready to make the cake...

Adding food coloring...

Adding food coloring...

Colorful batter all ready to be layered up!

Colorful batter all ready to be layered up!

Looking good I think!  Hope it looks as good when it's done!

Looking good I think! Hope it looks as good when it's done!

And, VOILA!  Time to eat cake!


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Burp Cloths for a baby boy, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Seems like forever that I’ve actually COMPLETED a project. *sigh*
It’s been a busy, busy summer, with lots of acitivity and less mommy time with Jack being home. But school is back in session, and mommy is getting back into a groove 🙂 My first completed project for September are these burp cloths for a friend’s new baby boy. I just love Michael Miller’s Lil’ Cowpokes fabric, and I had these men’s shirting fabrics waiting for the right project…so there you go. I think I might need to use these men’s shirting fabrics for more…a boys quilt? Ideas, ideas, ideas. Speaking of ideas and projects…I have many STARTED projects that need to be finished!

The first started project that needs to be finished was started a YEAR ago!  Woops.  I just kept getting sidetracked.  I bought a whole bunch of batiks at my aunt’s quilt shop last year.  I am not usually a batik kind of girl, but I wanted to try something different, and I was drawn to the boyish, earthy qualities of the fabrics I chose.  So…I started a Turning Twenty batiks quilt for my two boys…and the quilt top is finally finished.  The backing is ready.  I just need to put it together 🙂  I WILL do that soon!  Here’s a little peek:


The next project is a Zig Zag quilt (without piecing triangles), using a tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts.  I have all the fabric cut and partially sewn.  The quilt top is ready to be put together now.  I chose whites, blues and browns…thinking that this quilt might be gifted to the family’s summer home on the beach.  Maybe (ha ha ha) I will get to it by NEXT summer 😉


My next two “projects” are more like dilemmas…what to do with this amazing fabric?!  I have a ton of Anna Maria Horner that needs a complimenting quilt design…and I have been collecting all the red and aqua fabric I can find (this pic just shows some of it) to finally make a much desired “raqua” quilt…again, I need a design.  Hmmm.  I have been staring at these fabrics for months.  What to do, what to do.  Any suggestions?! 



Ok….so, I have a lot to accomplish…and this is just the beginning of ALL that I want to get done.   There’s the robot quilt that I am planning on making for Jack(based on this GREAT quilt I found on flickr), a new fall bag, an attempt on hexagons like these and since November is my month at Bee Modern quilting bee, I need to get my act together and decide on what kinds of blocks I want the girls to make, and what fabric to use…not much time to figure it all out given that I need to buy the fabric, cut it up, divide it and send it to 15 girls all across the globe!  ah well.  I’ll get there.  One project at a time 🙂

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Good Bye Summer

Cooking Time, originally uploaded by itsnotprint.

So the summer came and went…much too quickly I might add. With an unfavorable beginning month of June to an ok July…a better August, and now unbelievably its September! The kids are all back to school. School shopping is in full force. Today I saw Uggs and fall jackets. Today’s 60-something degree weather made me feel cool in my flip flops. Back to hot coffees from Dunkin, homemade soups and chilis, long sleeve jammies and ahhhh, SLIPPERS! Sweatshirts and sweaters. Pumpkins and mums. Orange and yellow and red. Halloween. Haunted houses. Jeans and Merrells and Danskos. Before we know it we’ll be cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey, buying Christmas gifts, wearing hats and mittens, sledding and making snow angels. I guess its best I just embrace the change. A new season. New opportunities. New adventures. New projects. And best of all, my favorite month of the year, October. So good-bye summer. We’ll see you next year…and hopefully with a lot less rain.
(picture taken by my brother this summer)

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Blocks for Aimee, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Another Month, another block 🙂 Actually I had enough fabric to make two blocks. I made these blocks for Aimee and her focus was Alexander Henry’s Starling fabric. I loooovvveeee birds, so of course I love this fabric! Aimee’s fabric was fun to work with. A lot brighter than I’m used to which was a nice challenge in putting it all together. Aimee didn’t specify what types of blocks to make, only that each block include a Starling and some rick rack. (another challenge for me, as I’ve actually never used trim in quilt blocks before!) I hope she likes them 🙂

November is my month…and I’m struggling with a flood of ideas! I need to get the fabric soon, get it all cut out and distributed to the rest of the Bee Modern quilting bee group…whose members come from around the world! I’m super excited for my month and to see what these talented ladies come up with 🙂

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Margaret’s Flower Garden, originally uploaded by spoolsewing.

HEXAGONS!!!! I must learn how to make these. So beautiful, artistic and old-fashioned all at once. I know there will be a lot of hand-sewing involved, which I must admit, I am very intimidated by. But I am up for the challenge. I just need to finish some current projects before jumping onto another! (Gotta start the Robot Quilt I have been promising Jack for months now!!). Ahh, so many ideas, so little time!

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Nicole & Charlie, originally uploaded by itsnotprint.

How cool is this photo? My brother took it of his Wife, Nicole, and puppy dog, Charlie. My brother constantly inspires me with his amazing work.

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Blocks for Alexia I, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

I am late with the August blocks for Alexia! So much going on around here with vacations and work and kids….but I finally got moving this week and had a lot of fun with Alexia’s fabrics!! I added some of my own fabrics too where I thought they might fit. I hope she likes the blocks and I can’t wait to see her finished quilt 🙂



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