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Wonky Star Baby Quilt

Wonky Star baby quilt, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

God I LOVE finishing up a quilt…nothing better than a yummy, crinkly, fresh smelling quilt to snuggle with. This one is going to a baby boy to be. I made it 60″x60″….a lot bigger than a traditional crib quilt, but I love the idea of a baby quilt growing with the child. Plus, it makes a great mat for the baby to play and rest on. I made each block 20″x20″ and used a variety of greens and aqua blues…crisp and clean.

Up next: some curtains for my god-daughter using Tanya Whelan’s Dolce line and a lot of baby girl stuff for my own baby girl to be!

I have two happy bundles coming my way filled with beautiful European fabrics that I plan to use for my baby girl’s quilt…and whatever else I decide to use it for.

I also have some Amy Butler, August Fields, Dream Poppies in Tangerine here to make this beautiful baby blanket (and yes, I did choose the SAME fabric…its just so beautiful!!)

Lots to keep me busy in the next few months before baby girl arrives! Off to fold some laundry now, bleh.

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quilt top–WIP, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

A peek at what I’ve been working on…a new quilt for a new baby to be. He’ll be here in less than two weeks so I better get moving and finish up this baby. It’s actually a 60″x60″ star! I made one ginormous wonky star instead of several smaller ones.

Trying to figure out how to piece the quilt back now. Maybe thinking 5 small wonky star blocks across the quilt with white everywhere else….or I was also thinking baby blue flannel for a softer feel…better decide soon.

Also thinking about how I’m going to quilt it. I’m tossing around some different ideas.

I am loving the colors/patterns…it’s so soothing and crisp. I can’t wait to finish it and see it in all its quilted, wrinkly, yumminess 🙂

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063, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Well, first you’ll have to excuse this terrible photo…its been a rainy few days, and the lighting was terrible. Since it was a gift, there was no time to wait for better lighting. hrmph. I made this for my niece who is off to college for the first time 🙂 I used a great tutorial by Skip to my Lou, and though written perfectly, I misread the directions and had to rip out seams two or three times. I was frustrated….at myself. This is only my second bag, so some of the more intuitive things that come after practice, were certainly NOT intuitive to me. But mistakes are great teachers, and I’m sure the next time I go make a bag, it will be a LOT easier 🙂
Mistake #1: step #5: “5. Place lining fabric inside the outside fabric right sides together.” ok. this should have made PERFECT sense, but my pregnant mushy brain interpreted it wrong. I put the lining fabric right sides together, INSIDE the outside fabric which was also right sides together. duh. what I SHOULD have done was put the right side of the lining facing the right side of the outside fabric….
Mistake #2. After ripping out all the seams and turning the bag inside out, I realized again I misread directions. The handles somehow were still inside the bag, not outside like they should be. The directions state: step #6: “Place straps in between right sides of fabric on each side about two to three inches from the side edge.” I don’t know HOW I messed this one up….I totally missed BETWEEN right sides…and had placed them on the inside of the lining….the middle of the bag, not the middle of the layers…duh again. Had to take out the seam ripper AGAIN…not a happy girl.
BUT once I figured it all out, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy…as it should have been from step 1. ah well. I WILL definitely be making many more of these adorable and simple (really) bags 🙂

Fabrics used: Amy Butler–Love–Watercolor in midnight and Joel Dewberry–Chestnut Hill–Chestnut branches in white

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The Cape House Quilt, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

As usual, I slack on the blog posts. I finished this quilt in December and gave it as a gift to my mother and father in law on Christmas. I called it “The Cape House Quilt” as our favorite family times at the Cape inspired it. It started as a “thank you” for year after year, inviting us throughout the summer to visit their Cape house. We spend as much time as we can there. For our kids, weekends (or weeks) spent at the Cape are a kid’s fantasy. Life on the beach…afternoon bike rides, digging for clams, catching crabs at “crab creek”, cookouts, 4th of July fireworks, COUSINS!, hanging out on the hammock, playing whiffle ball in the yard overlooking the ocean, walks to the harbor to get ice cream….its a dream. As an adult, I relax as soon as I get there. Its time to unwind, sit by the ocean, talk with family….RELAX (did I mention that?!).
I added lots of pictures of the 15 grandchildren on the back (not usually my style, but I knew my in-laws would really appreciate it).
and voila. I finally got some pics of the quilt while we were down there on Memorial Day weekend.
I’m wishing I was there right now…..

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Daniel’s Quilt–Top, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

I’ve been slacking here on the blogging front. Here I will try to do a little catch up. This quilt was finished last month for a beautiful baby boy born to my friend Jill. Her third boy 🙂 I had a lot of fun making this quilt because I picked out some of my favorite “boy” fabrics and put them all together. To make the quilt I simply cut up the fabrics into 5 or 6 inch squares, and then bordered them with 3 inch strips. Easy Peasy, but I love the clean and colorful result. Sometimes less is more, right?
I experimented with this quilt (but lets face it, I experiment with EVERY quilt), by using 2 layers of batting (warm and natural) instead of one. I wanted to see what kind of difference it made. I did like the thickness, but even after I washed it, I felt it was a tad too stiff. I’m hoping that with use and washes, it will soften up.

I am currently working on my mom’s quilt (more later), but will soon be starting another quilt for a baby boy to be, due next month!!

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Morgan’s Quilt, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

It’s finally done 🙂 Don’t ya just love that feeling of accomplishment? I used crazy mom quilt’s stacked coins tutorial that I found on Moda Bake Shop. In the past I have adapted Joelle Hoverson of The Purl Bee’s  (Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts) instructions to make a stacked coins, but this time since I was working with charm packs, the tutorial from crazy mom quilts was a perfect match 🙂 At first I thought I would scatter the colors around randomly, but on a whim I placed them in rainbow order and I kinda liked it, so I sewed it up that way. I hope Morgan (and her mommy) will like it!

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Binding Morgan’s Quilt, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Baby Morgan was born to a good friend of mine way back in June. I was CONVINCED she was having a boy so had in mind boy fabrics and was ready to quilt once the baby was born…but lo and behold, she had her second girl!!! Threw me for a loop and needed to go back to the drawing board. I decided to keep the American Jane Recess fabric I had already bought and added to it, Snippets and Look & Learn. I don’t usually use such bold colors, but I am really loving the way it came out. Tonight I finally finished hand sewing the binding on. For some reason I had some issues with the corners. I have no idea why, as I have never encountered the problem before, but it was tedious to fix. Here is a pic of me hand sewing the binding on to the backing of the quilt:


I am finally getting the hang of it. I learned how to make and sew binding from crazy mom quilts’ tutorial. It’s super easy to follow and the pics are very helpful. I had to double check my work with this quilt, but I think next time I’ll be able to make and sew the binding without following any direction.

Now that the quilt is quilted and bound, it’s ready to be washed to a)get rid of those baby blue quilting lines and b) make it all wrinkly and yummy. After that I’ll attach a label I plan on making using Printed Treasures printer fabric. I took an adorable picture of Morgan and her sister and added text to it using Picnik.

Anyhoo. Off to bed. I’m always up too late!

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