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So…here’s what I’m thinking for my turn at Bee Modern quilting bee. I love how these blocks make me feel all warm and cozy. And since I’m going to be using the blocks for a king size quilt that will go on my bed, I really want it to feel that way. I’m in the process of narrowing down the fabrics…think Fresh Cut. I have a lot of different fabric and I’m not sure how to divide it all up. I have to figure it out QUICK though because I need to send it out by next week! Getting psyched to share my ideas and see what these crafty girls come up with 🙂


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Good Bye Summer

Cooking Time, originally uploaded by itsnotprint.

So the summer came and went…much too quickly I might add. With an unfavorable beginning month of June to an ok July…a better August, and now unbelievably its September! The kids are all back to school. School shopping is in full force. Today I saw Uggs and fall jackets. Today’s 60-something degree weather made me feel cool in my flip flops. Back to hot coffees from Dunkin, homemade soups and chilis, long sleeve jammies and ahhhh, SLIPPERS! Sweatshirts and sweaters. Pumpkins and mums. Orange and yellow and red. Halloween. Haunted houses. Jeans and Merrells and Danskos. Before we know it we’ll be cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey, buying Christmas gifts, wearing hats and mittens, sledding and making snow angels. I guess its best I just embrace the change. A new season. New opportunities. New adventures. New projects. And best of all, my favorite month of the year, October. So good-bye summer. We’ll see you next year…and hopefully with a lot less rain.
(picture taken by my brother this summer)

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Margaret’s Flower Garden, originally uploaded by spoolsewing.

HEXAGONS!!!! I must learn how to make these. So beautiful, artistic and old-fashioned all at once. I know there will be a lot of hand-sewing involved, which I must admit, I am very intimidated by. But I am up for the challenge. I just need to finish some current projects before jumping onto another! (Gotta start the Robot Quilt I have been promising Jack for months now!!). Ahh, so many ideas, so little time!

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Nicole & Charlie, originally uploaded by itsnotprint.

How cool is this photo? My brother took it of his Wife, Nicole, and puppy dog, Charlie. My brother constantly inspires me with his amazing work.

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I think I might start doing this more often! I have a LOT of favorited pics on Flickr. I like to be inspired. I like to browse through my favorite pics to get pumped for my next project. These are just a few of my most recent favorites. Enjoy, MANY more to come!

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Birdie Sling Inspiration, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

while I’m still working on my own! I love seeing what others chose for fabrics. I fell in love with the fabrics on the cover of the pattern, and lazily decided to go with those. Now seeing all of these amazing choices, I am thinking I will be needing to make another bag! I’m finally working on sewing the bag together, and so far so good 🙂 Next up is making the pleats…which should be interesting given that I’ve never used tracing paper. One step at a time I guess!
I’ll upload some pictures soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these from some crafty ladies on flickr 🙂

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Knit & Crochet Inspiration, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Because I NEED to learn. Not because I have free time on my hands, God knows, I can barely keep up with my sewing project list! But I love the softness of yarn. I love the way the yarn weaves together into an intricate pattern…sometimes obvious, and other times subtle…but either way, amazing, delicate, beautiful. I love scanning the pics all over flickr and crafty blogs…these girls rock. I am just so impressed by their skill. Here are some pics that I find inspirational. I have the knitting needles. I have a crochet hook. I have some yarn to practice with. Now I just need to learn what to do with it all!

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