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Time for tea

Time for tea, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

It’s about time I finally blog about TEA! I mean, afterall my blog name is Sew La Tea! I love tea. I drink a lot of tea. I use loose leaf. I prefer not to use a tea bag. I have 3 tea pots. I want more. I currently have about 15 tins of tea on my shelf. I love to blend them. I use Blue Agave as a sweetener. A lot of times though I go without. I don’t use milk in my tea. Unless my Irish mother-in-law makes me tea with milk and sugar. She really makes the best bagged tea. It’s kind of like when someone else makes you a sandwich. It’s always better. Same with her tea. It’s pretty much the only bagged tea I drink. One of the teapots I own is from her. Another one (a cast iron one that is shown) is from my mom and dad. The third, a gift to myself 🙂 I own a Zojirushi. There is nothing better for hardcore loose leaf tea drinkers. It’s a hot water dispenser with 3 temperature settings for different needs of different teas. I buy my tea at Teavana. I spend too much money on tea. I try to convert all my friends to loose leaf. The taste is so amazingly good. I love learning about each tea I’m drinking…its healing properties. I really would like to kick my coffee habit and drink tea exclusively. Its not an easy thing to do. Still need my Dunkin’s first thing in the morning. My husband likes to drink tea with me. Every night while sitting together watching tv he asks me to “make us some tea”. That’s the thing about tea. The comfort it provides. The care it takes to make it well, and the care it gives when made.

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