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The TeePee 🙂 , originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for so long. Now that the playroom is finished (which reminds me, that I still haven’t blogged about the redo!) I had no excuse. Well except maybe a newborn at home, but that’s beside the point 😉 I used a great tutorial to make this, and I could never have done it without! Thank you to Rachel of Smile and Wave for taking the time to write it all down! My teepee did not come out as neat as hers, and I definitely made a couple mistakes. I cut down my poles a foot shorter than hers and then tried to recalculate measurements and angles….math was never my strong suit…so this proved to be challenging. I did my best and though the panels don’t line up as nicely as Rachel’s up on top, it still works! And the kids think its cool 🙂 I think I’ll paint it like Rachel did too…clean and simple 🙂

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Baby Girl Quilt Inspiration, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Here are just SOME of the MANY quilts inspiring me these days…

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Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

26+ weeks now and nesting quite a bit these days…lots of dreaming…browsing…getting inspired. These 25 photos are the latest nurseries and details that are inspiring me to create a beautiful nursery for my baby to be. I’ve got my fabrics set aside waiting to be cut into for a quilt and curtains. They are mostly European fabrics that are very colorful…thinks deep pinks, reds and aqua. I’ve got to decide what style quilt I’m going to make…thinking some pattern using half-square triangles. My next (BIG) decision will be paint color. This one always stumps me. Since the details in the room will have so much color, I’m thinking subtle for the walls…pale pink? pale aqua? Really not sure which way to go. In the meantime, I’ll continue browsing flickr and gathering ideas 🙂

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Here I sit, at work, scarfing down a lean cuisine, longing to blog about some new ventures and of course, some new fabric!!  I’ve been working all weekend and today, so between that and 2 kids, there has been no time for the computer.  Hopefully I’ll be back to some fun stuff tomorrow evening!!  Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂

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Miech’s Tote (reverse), originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

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Happy Easter

DSC_0106, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Hope you all had a nice day 🙂

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Healthy fridge

Healthy fridge, originally uploaded by nikkifilo.

Healthy fridge, originally uploaded by nikkifilo.

So glad that my fridge is “healthy”. Losing weight is always a struggle, but when you’re surrounded by healthy options, it is a little easier. I always love to restock the fridge on food shopping days. I love getting rid of the old stuff and putting  all the new yummy FRESH foods in. Several meals in pieces, like a puzzle, waiting to be put together. Options, options, options.

I’ve been on this weight loss journey since 2005 when I had Jack. I have been up and down through 3 full term pregnancies(including a 37 week stillbirth) and a 12 week pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. When I was pregnant with Ben I was soooo ready to get rid of the weight once and for all…and I’m getting there. Since my final days of pregnancy I have lost about 60 lbs!!!! That’s about 20 lbs less than when I got pregnant. I still have about 15 lbs to go…and I’m really hoping to get there by summer.

Some of my staple fridge items include:

-When Pigs Fly Tuscan Wheat Bread
-Polar Seltzer Water–Cranberry Lime or Pomegranate
-bottled waters (not shown)
-hot peppers (to spice up blah foods)
-sweet potatoes
-egg whites
-prewashed greens–spinach, arugala, romaine etc.
-reduced fat string cheese

-Newman’s Own “low fat” salad dressings

-seasoned rice vinegar (so yummy on broccoli!)


Anyhoo. After a little vacation in Florida I’m absolutely aching for summer. And feeling good in shorts and a bathing suit will make it even better!  BTW–I track my calories/exercise on http://www.sparkpeople.com.

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I found this original poem that I wrote in ninth grade in 1992. 
Enthusiastic, caring, determined, happy.
Sister of Steve.
Lover of dancing, music and life.
Who feels that laughter is essential, boys make us crazy and life is too short.
Who needs money, love and MTV.
Who fears death, dishonest men and having a baby.
Who gives appreciation for life, love to those who love me and advice to those who want and accept it.
Who would like to see Paris, world peace and a world free of disease.
Resident of Burlington-the most boring town in America.
So funny. Maybe I should write an updated version–2005. Here goes:
Dreamer, creative, loving, content.
Mother to Jack.
Lover of great music, photography and scrapbooking.
Who feels that being a mom is the greatest gift, expressing creativity is essential, and there is no greater feeling than being true to oneself.
Who needs people to be honest, to be surrounded by friends and family as much as possible and to be busy.
Who fears death, freak accidents and cancer.
Who gives the benefit of the doubt, a shoulder to lean on and as much love and respect as others give me.
Who would like to see my children grown, my husband old, and as much of world as possible.
Resident of Burlington-STILL the most boring town in America.
And updated once again in January 2009:
Compassionate, open-minded, faithful, creative
Mama to Jack and Ben
Lover of  sewing, books, and online shopping.
Who feels that being a mom is STILL the greatest gift, that we must perservere through tough times and that the ultimate goal is to achieve peace in our hearts.
Who needs time to be creative, time to exercise, time to read, time to clean and most importantly time to play with my kids to feel successful in my day
Who fears dying young, losing my kids, and not being able to have more children
Who gives the benefit of the doubt, lots of hugs and kisses to my kids and an ear and shoulder to anyone who wants to talk
Who would like to see my boys be the best of friends, more children born to us, and Lily one more time
Resident, STILL, of Burlington …much less boring now that we have kids

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Why did I take a pic at 6:20 am while getting ready to board the T?!  Well, I guess I was looking to capture my new morning routine.  Hopping on the T at the crack of dawn to get to MGH by 7.  Note the lack of crowds.  The lack of any hustle and bustle.  I kinda like it this way.  Just the sound of the train screeching over the tracks, an overhead speaker announcing the arrival of the train, the smell of rubber and metal mixed with coffee and popcorn…the fresh stack of “The Metro” newspapers waiting to be read, a few dozen strangers silently beginning their day.  Some read The Metro, others(like me) read their own books.  Some like to listen to their ipods and then there are the people that just sit and stare, either in a daze, or people watching.  Though it sounds fabulous (not!), and is cheaper and beats sitting in traffic on 93 South…I’m pretty darn glad I only have a couple more days of T riding before I move onto evenings and nights.


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Tomorrow is the big day!

New duds.

So…tomorrow is the big day!  Back to Phillips House 21 at MGH.  Back to wearing scrubs and clogs to work…a stethescope around the neck.  Back to vitals and I&Os.  Morning rounds.  Family meetings.  Back to needing a boost, hanging IVs, a crowded med closet, counting narcotics and discharge planning.  And on to some new things such as hanging blood, and CHEMO!!  PICCs, central lines, portacaths.  Peripheral lines, and blood draws.  STAT labs and code blues.  Its exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  I’m looking forward to that invisible badge of honor that comes with being a nurse.  Its something I’m pretty proud of.  We do something that most people say they “couldn’t do”.  Its scary too…the weight of responsibilty that comes with caring for sick people.  The responsibility of keeping our patients safe, comfortable, in control, happy…the responsibility of earning the respect and trust of family members.  But regardless of the nervous feelings I have, I am mostly excited to begin.  A new chapter in my life.  It feels like a natural progression.  It feels like the right time.  And that everything just fell into place very easily.  Like it was meant to be.  Being a strong believer in fate…I like the way it all feels.  So I am here, scrubs are washed, dried and folded.  New shoes and a new stethescope ready to go.  I’m ready.  whew.  here we go!

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