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We’re having a LOT of fun with these! I thought if I made these we would play some NICE games, like tossing them into a laundry basket etc….but who was I kidding?! I have a nearly 4 year old little BOY. Beanbag TAG is much more fun to him. I filled them with split peas, but I’m wondering if there is something SOFTER I could have filled them with for the pelting that goes on around here. Hmmm. Oh and our rule is: You can do this at home, but NEVER with anyone else. Which brings up that “fine line” kind of stuff I hate. Is it or isn’t it ok? I want my boy to be a boy. I know he needs to get out that energy and yes, physical aggression…and I look for “civil” ways to do that…but I want my boys to be perfect angels, never aggressive…and I’m realizing how unrealistic that sounds. In the book Playful Parenting by Lawrence J Cohen, PH.D, chapter 6 is called “Learn to Roughhouse”. Well then. Maybe I should get my butt moving and read this book!!!!

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