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Jack was here…

Jack was here…, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Someone spilled the powder. And hmmm, I wonder who it could have been! That little footprint gave it away quite nicely. Although a mess (and there is a LOT more powder than shown in this picture) it makes me smile. How lucky we are to have a little boy (TWO little boys!) in this house. I know its so easy to get upset over toys lying around, messes made and such, but really, I always try to remember that really, I am so lucky and blessed to have two little boys making messes and noise in my house 🙂 I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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Crayon roll in use…, originally uploaded by nikkifilo.

Isn’t it so nice to see what you’ve made in action?  So happy that Jack likes his crayon roll!  We took it with us on our trip to Florida this week, and it came in so handy 🙂  Sitting on the balcony or on the airplane…coloring was easy without rollaway crayons!  And it was so neat and tidy…I love these!

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