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Jackism #7

Jack was in Ben’s crib in the morning while I was showering.  Jack came to the bathroom and I could hear Ben crying.  I said to Jack,

“Why is Ben crying, is he sad that you left him?” 

Jack:  “I quit at him”

Mom:  “You quit at him?  How come?”

Jack:  “Because he told me I wasn’t his best friend anymore”

Mom(pausing to think about this) “Hmmm, thats funny, I didn’t think Ben could say words yet”

Jack:  “moommm, he said it to me in SPANish!!”

Mom:  “oh well that clears it up then”  🙂  lol.

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Jackism #6

I love when 4 year olds misinterpret words.  Here is the latest from Jack on remembering the farm this past fall…

“Mom, remember when we went to that place with the pumpkins?  There was a train there too.  And there were apples.  And I climbed the big pile of hair…”

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Jackism #5

Tonight when Mike put on American Idol, as the opening credits rolled and then they showed Ryan Seacrest on stage, Jack said “I wish we could go to that planet!”

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(two days before Christmas) “Lucy you have to be a good girl or you won’t get any presents, you’ll get a cold.”

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“Yeah mom let’s do arts & crabs!!”

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While watching Madagascar: “Mama look at that guy swing on the van!” (means vine)

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