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Teaching the girls to sew, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

On April school vacation, my sister in law Miech and I planned on getting the kids together at which time the “girls” would sew 🙂  Madison & Emma were so excited to make something of their own.  It really is the best isn’t it?  They picked out some fabrics from their mom’s collection and after some discussion, decided that they wanted to make pillows for their beds.  We used Denyse Schmidt Quilts book to make the pillow case.  We followed the directions for the Hits The Spot Pillow.  Such a GREAT pillow case.  We lined ours so that it would be nice and easy peasy to take off and wash.   The girls were SO proud.  And they should be!  They picked out the fabrics all by themselves and helped sew up their very own pillow!  It was a fun day, and I hope there will be many more sewing days to come 🙂 

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Miech’s Tote, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

My sister in law, Miech, is such a talented sewer.  She can whip things up so easily.  Her brain just works like that.  Where I have to write things down, calculate, figure it all out on paper, Miech can just figure it out in her head.  She even figured out how to make a gusset without a tutorial, lol!  Anyway, she was digging through her fabric stash and found these prints.  She thought they would make a cute reversible tote and decided she would make it while her husband was out of town.  So, she put the kids to bed and called me a couple hours later to tell me the tote was done!  Here it is.  Her plan is to use it as a pool tote.  I think its so perfect 🙂

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