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Binding, originally uploaded by nikkifilo.

I’m just LOVING this process! I was having so much fun tonight making the binding tape and now attaching it to the quilt. This isn’t the best picture, but it was a last minute thought before heading to bed. I decided to make scrappy binding and I’m so glad I did. It goes really well with the whole improv feel to the quilt. I am so itching to finish this so I can hand it over to its new recipient, Sophie Alexandra 🙂
I followed the best tutorial to help me with this. I have never made binding before so I really needed a step by step guide! So thanks to Amandajean for the great tute!

I read this: http://stitchindye.blogspot.com/2008/12/binding-is-new-yoga.html before attempting to make and attach the binding, and now that I have some experience with it, I must agree with Malka…binding IS the new yoga 🙂

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Ready to bind, originally uploaded by nikkifilo.

I’ve never made my own binding! I’ve made so many quilts, but have always done the little fold over method and blanket stitched the edge….But since I’m a big girl now, lol, I’m going to do this right. I figure this is also the first quilt that I’ve ever actually QUILTED so its only right that I do it all! I am so excited that my quilts and I are growing up!

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