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Finished Birdie Sling, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

It took me weeks, lol….one step here and there….in between kids and working, I finally got it done. Amy Butler is amazing…and I just love her fabrics and patterns. This was my first bag and one of the first times (or the first?!) using a pattern at all! I didn’t have too much trouble, especially since Shear Delight created a GREAT photo tutorial, which helped, especially for creating those gussets 🙂 A few other girls have also commented on their experiences making the bag which helped as well. I had planned on adding a magnetic closure, but couldn’t figure out WHEN to add them….at which point should I have done that? Can anyone out there tell me? I really liked making this bag, and will definitely make another, maybe in the fall with some nice fall fabrics…mustards? I learned some new things making this bag such as gussets and using a slip stitch…which by the way, I found a great tutorial for by Keyka Lou.  Thank god I did, because I had NO idea how to do that! So here it is. Onto making a patchwork belt.  Maybe tonight…

PS–I meant to add these links:

Birdie Sling pattern correction

Pink Chalk Studio’s post on her Birdie Sling

Birdie Sling Tutorial by Grace Designs

Installing a magnetic snap by Craft Apple

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Finished Birdie Sling, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

Its big, but I love it….

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Teaching the girls to sew, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

On April school vacation, my sister in law Miech and I planned on getting the kids together at which time the “girls” would sew 🙂  Madison & Emma were so excited to make something of their own.  It really is the best isn’t it?  They picked out some fabrics from their mom’s collection and after some discussion, decided that they wanted to make pillows for their beds.  We used Denyse Schmidt Quilts book to make the pillow case.  We followed the directions for the Hits The Spot Pillow.  Such a GREAT pillow case.  We lined ours so that it would be nice and easy peasy to take off and wash.   The girls were SO proud.  And they should be!  They picked out the fabrics all by themselves and helped sew up their very own pillow!  It was a fun day, and I hope there will be many more sewing days to come 🙂 

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Miech’s Tote, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

My sister in law, Miech, is such a talented sewer.  She can whip things up so easily.  Her brain just works like that.  Where I have to write things down, calculate, figure it all out on paper, Miech can just figure it out in her head.  She even figured out how to make a gusset without a tutorial, lol!  Anyway, she was digging through her fabric stash and found these prints.  She thought they would make a cute reversible tote and decided she would make it while her husband was out of town.  So, she put the kids to bed and called me a couple hours later to tell me the tote was done!  Here it is.  Her plan is to use it as a pool tote.  I think its so perfect 🙂

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Charlotte’s Pillowcase Dress, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

I’ve been wanting to make this dress for months now…so while procrastinating the Birdie Sling, I decided it would feel real good to actually COMPLETE a project! I knew this one was waiting for me and wouldn’t take too long, so I decided to tackle it. I used this tutorial by Freshly Picked. It was a great tutorial…very easy to follow and I like how Susan uses elastic in the top. I think it gives it a sweet look 🙂 I had considered adding a little flower broach so I made a yo-yo flower using this tute by Heather Bailey. I used the leftover fabric from the dress to make the flower. It came out a little small, so I didn’t add it. But I still think I might make a couple to embellish…we’ll see! Anyway, its getting late and I have two sick kiddos wanting mom. Night night.

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Birdie Sling pleats, originally uploaded by SewLaTea.

This pic is a bit dark…about to start the pleatIng…but just hung up on where to stitch here…I’m guessing 1/4 ” from the top, across from folded edge to the pin(which is where the pleat marks line up)….
can anyone confirm this?

I’ve been so busy lately, hardly any time for myself let alone for sewing. Picked up some extra hours at the hospital for some extra cash (and really wishing I could spend it on fabric instead of a new roof!) Ah, well, such as life huh?

I HAVE been working on gathering and sorting all of my favorited tutorials. I have an endless list that just keeps growing. I’m inspired constantly by these amazingly fantasticly creative women (and men!) out there. As one blogger writes, I need to “stop staring and start sewing!” But I can’t help searching and exploring flickr and then getting lost in links from one blogger to the next. And then there is the fabric!!!! I could look at fabric all day and drool and wish I could just buy it ALL! Oh and Etsy….my god, no wonder I’m up till midnight every night!! My husband is constantly saying to me “WHAT do you DO on the laptop?” lol…ahm, window shopping for fabric and new patterns, getting inspired, learning…….

I’m sure you can relate…

Anyway. Got to get moving here. Make a plan for the day. Its a non school day, so I need to think of some fun things for the kids an I to do. Oh and then there’s April vacation next week…I think I’m going to come up with a list of activities and get all the stuff we need for fun projects ahead of time….maybe we can do that today. I digress.

Have a good day 🙂

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Crayon Rolls, originally uploaded by nikkifilo.

I am so glad to finally be posting these!!!! It took me a couple weeks to get all the cutting and sewing done…but I think it was worth it 🙂
I used this tutorial: Skip to my Lou which was super easy to follow 🙂
I made mine a little different, and had I been sewing during the day when lighting was good, I would have photographed my progress. Instead of using interlining, I used a light organic cotton batting. And instead of ties, I just sewed in some elastic. I figured these were for very young children who don’t yet know how to tie. I still can’t figure out why SOME of my elastic loops would end up twisting when all rolled up. I so carefully placed the elastics when sewing…I just can’t figure it out! Oh well, most of them were straight and neat. Lastly I skipped the ric rac…how dare I right?! LOL. Well, I needed them to be as simple as possible as I had to sew 30 of them!!!!
Anyway, back to Sophie’s quilt…yes, baby girl Sophie Alexandra was born just a few days ago, and three weeks early I might add!!! The quilt is going to be a little late I’m afraid, but I think Meg will understand! Welcome to the world baby girl 🙂

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4 pictures for you, originally uploaded by nikkifilo.

Here is my quilting progress. It’s coming along! REAALLLY looking forward to throwing this baby into the wash and getting it all puckery and yummy soft 🙂

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IMG_7960, originally uploaded by nikkifilo.

Kitchen curtains! Here is the fabric I picked. I just got the Amy Butler fabric in the mail the other day, and I must say, its just as beautiful as I hoped. I can’t wait to get started!!

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IMG_8008, originally uploaded by nikkifilo.

Pinned! Ready to quilt! This will be my very first attempt at actually QUILTING a quilt! I usually just hand tie the layers together….but what I LOVE about quilts is that quilted yumminess. So here goes!

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